The knowledge of different materials is a key aspect in all V-classes. Most parts of Lingerie and Swimwear consist of more or less elastic materials. Various elasticity of the different materials present special challenges to the seamstress. You will be shown the materials such as fabrics (lycra), different laces etc. and the appropriated stitches. Additionally we explain the use of various elastic bands, e.g. the shoulder strap, plush elastic and décolleté elastic and you will learn to work with them. The selection of a specific material has an impact on the pattern, because not every pattern complements every material.You will learn which effect different material have on the pattern and how to match material and pattern in the best way.

In addition to the materials, the measurement is another important area in our classes for sewing techniques of lingerie. To achieve perfect fir for lingerie and swimwear its important to take proper measurements.

Even when we work with commercial patterns in our seminars, the body measurements are taken previously and each pattern is adapted to the wearer. Not every commercial lingerie pattern harmonizes with each body type. You may want to conceal problem zones or highlight the nice parts. We also teach you which design is best for which type of body.

Fitting accuracy
The lingerie Academy has developed its own system to fit Bras on the wearer. This way, we can ensure a very high fitting accuracy in all our bra-models. In contrast to the lingerie industry, we don’t work only with bra cup depth, but analyze the width of the breast. Therefore, we use a so-called Bra-wire-fittingset. We show you how to determine the width of the breast and how you can sew a perfectly fitting Bra based on the taken measurements.

The quality and nature of different lining materials also play a decisive role in the fitting accuracy of bras. Depending on the Bra size and model, the lining material has to fulfill different requirements. You will learn which lining materials can be used for the different requirements.